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What if everyone speaks the same language?

The usefulness of language is for communication; without communication there can’t be understanding. There are many different languages in our world today, all of which help human beings relate with one another. It also gives insights to our culture and heritage…and definitely our crazy tendencies…I think. Anyway, what if there is just one universal language?

I just have to ask…what then would be the universal language? Spanish, French, English, or Nigerian languages like Igbo, Yoruba etc? I think the language just has to be fluid, romantic and easy on the ears and that language has to be French. Yass!

If everyone speaks the same language then people who send coded messages or taunt others or verbally murder people would have to look for other methods to engage in such nefarious but fun acts; I can readily suggest physical assault – that’s more likely to send the message. So once something is said, everyone would understand it loud and clear. But then we would have no need for translators.

Translators would be out of jobs. Once everyone is able to understand what the next person is saying, wtf would people need them around for? Nathin’!

What If everyone speaks the same language? Got any ideas? Share them.

Think weird!


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