No #1 reason why most celebrities wear almost nude outfits

The rate at which celebrities expose their bodies to the public in recent times has become even more alarming, and guess what? You caused the madness! Don’t act so surprised because that’s the frigging truth. After all, they are all about giving their fans what they ask for. Ain’t that right?

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Any celebrity who dares to wear a dress twice should just be ready to get on the radar of every gossip blog in town, and outside town. Criticisms and rants would pervade every damn radio and TV show, and what’s more, my fellow crazy meme-stars would bring out the joke in it so much that the whole thingy trends longer than expected.

Now tell me, which celebrity in their right mind would want to experience such? NoneĀ  that I can think of. So now, they don’t wear one clothe twice and most of them have moved on to wearing nothing at all, leaving nothing to our wild imagination.

Well, weird me thinks they should keep it up. But remember this, you made them go nude, not me, you. And I urge you to continue the good work you have started.

Think weird!

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