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What if sex has really bad side effects?

Sex…I want to believe there is really no need to give any introduction so I’ll cut to the chase; what if sex has really bad side effects?

There are side effects of sex but these are not really worth avoiding sex for unlike the imagined scenarios we’ll be looking at here.

Walking awkwardly

What if sex makes people walk abnormally for a short while after the deed has been done? Trust me, people will only have sex when they are sure they won’t be going out for any reason. They’ll just stay indoors. For guys, the gait could be one that suggests that the penis is heavy, and for ladies, the vagina seriously crying out for help.

Unconscious re-enactment

Imagine walking into a room and noticing someone having sex alone, yes. It is not exactly a case of masturbation but more like replaying a recent sex action in the head which is then performed by the body.

Reduced sexual organ

The more you have sex the more the sexual organ reduces or shrinks. This, obviously, would deter those who have too much sex…like it’s their birthright. Then you’d see adverts like ‘…have sex responsibly’.

Well well, with these, the rate at which people have sex should greatly reduce except for those whose addiction has stripped them of any concern for their health.

Think weird!

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