gay men

What if all men are gay?

The concept of gayness requires no introduction, really; so I’ll just go straight to the point. What if all men are gay? Will this affect the interactions between the male and female genders? Would it cause lasting barriers between both sexes? What would become of women if they are very much not attracted to their own sex? Join me as I explore all or some or none of this; just kidding. Leggo!

So, if all men are gay then the female community is done for. Honestly, I don’t know of any woman who can stay without any form of sexual connection without eventually losing their mind. Hey! Don’t even think about those people called sisters; do you know what goes on behind the scenes? I thought as much; besides, they were not born sisters, you know. Women, in fact, human beings need that connection and if they ain’t getting it from where they should get it, I just wonder what other option they would explore. Don’t even go there!

I do see a war coming if all men are gay; it would probably be called the Sex War. The two sides would be clearly defined, women against men. Woe betide the niggas if the ladies win because they’d be taken captive and sexually harassed for the rest of their pathetic lives. Ever heard, read or seen a woman rape a man before? Well, this time, it would be massive; so guys shouldn’t even lose that war. If the dudes win, then women should just kiss every hope of getting laid goodbye; their best option would be to just be like men and get their groove on.

Whew! Enough weird thinking for now; catch ya later!

Think weird!

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