What if b**bs are as hard as rocks?

I know many men (including those reading this post) love and admire the twin cuties that reside in the chest area of women. Well, their admiration for such a pleasant sight is mutual. It is not out of place, then, that we are inclined to have a feel whenever the opportunity presents itself and I believe you’d agree with me that it is always a memorable experience. Yes?

Okay. What if those same tits are as hard as rocks? Would you still admire them, long for them, or even remember the experience (good or bad) when you come in contact? Hmmmmmm….I sincerely doubt all that would still be the case. I mean, even the carriers of the small rocks would be burdened by its weight and their delicate skin scarred by its rough surface. Certainly then, we may have women use metallic bras to keep the naughty twins in check.

If boobs were rock-like then it would be totally avoided during sexual interaction. In fact, I think it would be better if it could be detached and kept aside until the entire exercise is done. But then, it would no longer be fun anymore as the boobs are known to augment and enhance the process.

I can say for sure that it is a good thing that boobs are not like that; damn, it would have been a real letdown.

Think weird!

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