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What if there was no Google?


Yikes! I feel strongly for people who have turned Google to a virtual teacher, they basically ask Google how to run their lives. Some people even find the counsel Google gives better than that which they get from real people. Google has indeed affected so many lives in so many ways but is this good or bad thing? I think it tilts to both sides.

If there was no Google, so many people may never know how to last longer in bed. Yass! Drawing from my findings as an affiliate to Google’s global systems Survey (GGSS) – something I just came up with – I discovered that many people keep asking that question. For heaven’s sake, if you want to last longer in bed just sedate yourself and take a really long nap! Now was that too hard?

It would also amaze you to know that people, and I think they are students; ask certain specific questions that make you think they are in an exam hall. What the…? Unbeknownst to Google, they have become a tool that provides tens of thousands of people an easy way to cheat. Even to steal; wanna learn how to hijack a car? – put this in the search bar – how to hijack a car. Trust me, you’d be amazed at what you see. But hey, don’t search for it until you finish reading this.

What if there was no Google? It would be extremely difficult to find FREE porn sites; you know you have searched for one of those. Finding the man of your dreams online may remain a dream, and even the recipes to cook that dish you heard about; or even catching up on the latest gossip. O My! With all of these and more, how would you even live with yourself without Google? I’ll tell you how but don’t mention it to Google. *Me whispering: there are other search engines you can use. Wanna learn about them? Ask Google. Lol

Let me know your thoughts on this.

Till next time, think weird, laugh and be happy!

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